Adventure Wings GmbH

Adventure Wings Ltd. is a Tyrolean company based in Innsbruck and a second operational base in Trento. The company's aim is to operate classic aircraft such as the Antonov AN-2.

Adventure Wings is the owner of Antonov AN-2 and is the broker for the flights. The flight operations of our classic aircraft are carried out in compliance with the official approvals hold by of Aerovia z. s., the Aerovia Club, respectively, the operating company in strict compliance with the regulations of the aviation authorities.

 The maintenance of the aircraft is carried out exclusively by licensed aviation maintenance companies.

The Crew

We are all enthusiastic pilots with airline and professional pilot licenses, are also active as flight instructors and wanted to see our beautiful landscape from above since our youth days. With the Antonov AN-2 we want to bring a very special bird into the air.

If we are operating as pilots, we are subject to the rules and regulations of the operating company.

Being aware of the responsibility we have towards our passengers, we do everything we can to ensure the greatest possible safety.
This also includes that we do not carry out flights or even turn around if circumstances such as weather, wind or a technical necessity so require - irrespective of the economic or temporal consequences..

Daniela Raudner and Renate Pfeiffer, who share our enthusiasm for our Antonov AN-2, support us in our organizational and administrative work.

Gerhard Grohmann

Airline Pilot,  Flight Instructor,

Flight Examiner, Partner & CEO


AN-2 Captain

+43 676 - 500 4800

Christian Raudner

Commercial Pilot, Flight Instructor,

Partner & CEO, Marketing


AN-2 Captain

+43 664 - 300 99 88

Christoph Leitner

Commercial Pilot



AN-2 Co-Pilot

+43 664 - 366 7241

Günther Pletzer

Ground Chief


 +43 699 - 19 47 89 69

Benny Raudner

Pilot, Ground Crew


+43 699 - 532 14 14

Dominik Raudner

Ground Crew


+43 699 - 19 47 89 69

Gregor Radatz

Ground Crew


 +43 660 - 99 78 007